Controversies, Art and Technology in Breast & Bodycontouring Aesthetic Surgery (CATBBAS)

Moustapha Hamdi
Program Director and Congress Organizer

The CATBBAS was established as a joint venture between Prof. Hamdi, head of the Department of plastic surgery in Free University of Brussels, and Dr. Patrick Tonnard & Dr. Alex Verpaele, the leading surgeons of Coupure Centrum for aesthetic surgery in Gent.

The goal of the CATBBAS meeting was to gather world pioneers plastic surgeons every other year to provide the state of the arts, controversy and a consensus in breast and body contour surgery.

Current techniques are usually presented with a clear focus on optimizing outcome and reducing complications. Controversy and crossfire sessions are the major features of this symposium. Expert surgeons provides us with the last evolution of their own techniques through multiple sessions of lectures, panels and also live surgery. During CATBBAS meetings, the last surgical techniques, technology and implants materials, such as Internal-Bra with Orbishape, Polyurethan-covered breast implants, High definition liposuction, Labiaoplasty, Motiva new devices, Nanofat, bottuck-implant augmentation and more, were demonstrated. In 2018, breast augmentation using fat grafting and threads will for the first time illustrated and with many other techniques…

The CATBBAS has a standard format which is a 2.5-day meeting including a “long” half a day of live surgery. All audiovisual projections are brought in High Definition Quality with 3D transmission. To promote international link among colleagues, several entertaining social events are organized and highly recommended.

The first meeting was held in Gent between May 18-20, 2012 and then the following meetings were relocated to Brussels as previously agreed. The CATBBAS is a home-made meeting. Indeed, the whole organization is “purely and solely” done by the members of the plastic surgery department, whom I’m fully proud of, in the University Hospital of Brussels (Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel – UZB).

Looking forward to welcome you in Brussels, in the heart of Europe!